R1 Foundation


R1’s Drive for Change:

The R1 Foundation inspires and helps both adolescents and adults to live a healthy and meaningful life through substance use prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery community programs. We provide learning and technology tools, community connections, recovery treatment and housing resources, and scholarships that enable individuals and their families to build a strong foundation in recovery.

The R1 Foundation is dedicated to getting the R1 Learning tools into the hands of individuals in recovery and their families as quickly as possible to help them change their lives. Counselors, peer recovery support providers, and educators need better tools in order to help individuals learn about the basics of their addiction, make choices, and take action toward meaningful change. R1 Learning has developed a set of innovative hands-on tools – the Discovery Cards, Facilitator Guides and Group Kits – that increase engagement and learning through self-discovery. R1 Foundation’s goal is to get these tools into the hands of underfunded treatment and recovery communities, stakeholders, and programs so that we can make an immediate impact.The

Drive Change through Innovative Learning Tools

  • Support the development of the R1 Learning Tools - Discovery Cards, Group Kits, and Apps

  • Provide the R1 Learning tools to underfunded recovery and treatment programs, counselors, and sober living houses

  • Train and certify recovery counselors, peer coaches, and educators

  • Deliver educational seminars and workshops

  • Increase addiction awareness in schools

  • Support Veterans Association (VA) Mental Health & Addiction treatment education Provide resources to prisons, jails, and institutions

Drive Change through Advocacy and Action

  • Shine a spotlight on the learning problem in addiction and recovery programs

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of learning best practices

  • Build standards and tools for learning – curriculum maps, metrics, and measurement tools

  • Provide access to innovative hands-on best practice and evidence-based learning tools that address different learning styles

  • Help underfunded programs gain access to the R1 learning tools and other best-in-class resources

  • Reshape and empower the industry through learning

Our work at the R1 Foundation is geared towards re-shaping education throughout the addiction industry. We will focus on eliminating barriers, financial and other, to get tools and resources directly into the hands of those who desperately need them – individuals, families, counselors, schools, treatment centers and more. Join us in helping to start the conversation and keep it going through a lifetime in recovery.

R1 Community

The R1 Foundation will also focus on building the R1 community – individuals committed to keeping Recovery First and living a healthy and meaningful life. Connection is essential for recovery. By building a program of events, activities, service opportunities and more, the R1Community will give people in recovery the support they need to be successful. Whether you’re 20 years sober, just starting your recovery journey, or supporting someone who has made the decision to get clean and sober, the R1 Community will be there to help individuals keep Recovery First.

The R1 Foundation will:

  • Connect individuals in recovery and their families to others on a similar recovery journey

  • Fund sober events such as hikes, sporting games, family events, educational opportunities, physical activities and more

  • Host the R1 Fun Run in communities throughout the nation as a way to build connections, reduce stigma, and encourage physical health activities as a tool for recovery

  • Unite with homeless shelters and programs

  • Develop Health & Wellness initiatives

  • Provide Community Service opportunities

  • Support Sober & Safe Travel

  • Fund scholarships for sober living, after-care treatment, Peer Recovery Coach Training, and Youth-at-Risk Mentoring

  • Connect communities, stakeholders, and programs that have similar missions


  • Substance use prevention

  • Community-based recovery programs and support groups

  • Addiction treatment centers

  • Community Service Boards (CSBs)

  • Hospitals

  • VA Health (VA) Centers

  • Schools

  • Youth at risk

  • Jails and prisons

  • Recovery housing programs

  • State and local government agencies


  • Individuals struggling in addiction

  • Individuals in recovery

  • Family members & friends

  • Addiction clinicians and counselors

    • PhD level

    • Masters level

    • Bachelor level

    • Peer counselor level

  • Peer recovery service providers

  • Psychologist/therapist

  • Psychiatrists

  • Medical professionals

  • Teachers

  • Police, fire, and rescue


  • Substance use prevention

  • Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs)

  • Addiction Treatment:

    • Detox

    • Residential inpatient

    • Intensive outpatient (IOP)

    • Relapse prevention

    • Aftercare

    • Young adult

    • Family support

    • Alumni outreach

  • 12 Step, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc.STAKEHOLDERS/User groups

 R1 Solutions


We need your help to make this all happen – to spark conversations, inspire connections, provide innovative tools, and drive change . Every dollar of your generous donation goes to provide solutions to help address the problems and end addiction. 

The Learning Problem

  • There are no standards for addiction treatment curriculum.

  • Programs do not currently measure learning comprehension, retention, or achievement. There are no standard metrics or any testing.

  • Addiction treatment and recovery programs do not currently use formal Learning Management Systems (LMS) to track and measure learning for patients and clinical staff.

  • Programs do not have money or a line item in the budget for purchasing learning tools.

  • Insurance does not reimburse for student materials or client learning tools.

The National Problem

  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 21.5 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in 2014.

  • Over 70,000 individuals died in 2018 from the Opioid Crisis.

  • Drug abuse and addiction cost American society close to $200 billion in healthcare, criminal justice, legal, and lost workplace production/participation costs in 2007, the Office on National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) reports.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the global burden of disease related to drug and alcohol issues to be 5.4 percent worldwide.

 R1 Foundation Board

Doug Levy.jpg

Doug Levy - Executive Director

Doug Levy is the Executive Director of the R1 Foundation. As a person in long term recovery, Doug is drawn to finding ways to use his own experience in recovery to help others. He is a volunteer outpatient peer counselor with the Community Service Board (CSB) of Fairfax, Virginia. He serves on the Board of the Unity Club in Falls Church, Virginia and is working towards his certification as a Peer Recovery Coach. Doug’s journey towards recovery has not been a completely smooth ride. He has spent time in jail, worn an ankle bracelet and lost his driving privileges for nearly five years. He was on probation for 3 plus years and spent that time in outpatient therapy in addition to become a regular member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In 2017 as the result of a serious health scare, Doug got a new clarity and perspective for his life. Doug has a passion for recovery and finding pathways to make recovery happy, joyous and free. Prior to R1, Doug worked in the private club industry for the last fifteen years after graduating from James Madison University with a BBA in Business Management and Hospitality. Doug is an accomplished and energetic director and a motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. His areas of expertise include people, processes and communication.

His career in hospitality began working at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, where he spent nine years. During that time, he was a key contributor to the opening of the clubs new $60 million clubhouse in 2012 and in the club achieving the Platinum Club of America designation for the first time in 2013. In 2014 he became the Assistant General Manager of the Philadelphia Country Club. While there he planned and oversaw an extensive kitchen renovation for this 125-year-old Platinum Club. Since then he has transformed the membership and marketing programs of the Kenwood Golf and Country Club and in 2016 became the Clubhouse Manager of the Sulgrave Club – the elegant and venerable Dupont Circle institution. Doug serves on the advisory board for his alma mater, the Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management at James Madison University. In 2015, he was recognized with the Dolley Madison Award by the Hart School for his contributions to the program. He is a member within the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), and in 2012, attained his Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation.

R1 Foundation Board

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Pam Harley
Vice President

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