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Hello, my name is Tom Karl. I founded R1 as a result of my professional experience and my own recovery journey. I am grateful to have survived the struggles and consequences from my addiction with the help and support from so many others along my path. A positive outcome following my last relapse was the inspiration to create the Discovery Cards and tools. I am now committed to three tenets:

  1. Keep “Recovery First” –  This is true for me and those we touch through R1. Without it, nothing else is possible. And with it – anything and everything is. We can reach our dreams and aspirations if we keep recovery #1. This has certainly been true for me.
  2. Serve others – Helping others who also struggle with an addiction, their families, and those who are committed to our mission supports our own recovery.
  3. Choose to live a healthy and meaningful life – Life is short. Happiness comes from serving others, doing good, and being grateful. I choose to be happy and hope to inspire others to live a healthy and meaningful life along my R1 journey.

Connecting with others and sharing our experience is foundational to recovery. We at R1 are driven to spark meaningful conversations that inspire self-discovery, connection, choice, action, and change for individuals in recovery and their families. The R1 Discovery Cards and tools were developed to encourage these things. We hope you find they do just that – increase engagement, participation, and spark meaningful conversations for you. We are committed to bringing quality tools to the substance use prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery communities. We want to hear from you. We’ll need your input and feedback – both your successes and challenges –  so we can continue to improve the tools.

We look forward to meeting you, working with you, hearing from, and learning from you. We look forward to making a difference – together with you!

R1 Company


Mission: Inspire people in recovery to live a healthy and meaningful life.

R1 provides innovative hand-on engagement tools for individuals in addiction recovery and their families. We support addiction professionals and peer recovery support providers in substance use prevention, addiction treatment, and related recovery programs. Our tools drive engagement, participation, learning, action, and results in group or 1-on-1 settings. Our Discovery Cards (with companion Facilitator Guides) spark meaningful conversations that inspire self-discovery, connection, choice, action, and change. In addition, R1 offers training and certification, enterprise licenses, and curriculum consulting services to support the tools. Apps, multi-language versions, and other learning tool formats are on our product roadmap for 2018 and 2019.

The R1 Brand: One of the goals of R1 is to build a community of individuals committed to keeping Recovery First and living a healthy and meaningful life. It’s that simple. How do I communicate my choice to live a sober life in a positive and non-anonymous way to others? How do I find others that are also in recovery and share this same aspiration? We’ve seen that there is no brand out there that lets us voice our sobriety choice. A brand that allows us to share our choice and connect with others on this same path in recovery. We’re hoping that R1 can be that brand and allow that choice to be a positive one. One that we can share. One that will attract others to the same life style. One that we can even wear. The truth is that being sober, being present, and living a sober life is awesome. Join us and be a role model for others. Share that you believe in your recovery and your sobriety and be part of the R1 community!

Guiding Principles:

  • Quality – curate and develop the highest quality content based on leading evidence-based models and theories
  • Simplicity - keep it simple
  • Hands-on – use kinesthetic learning techniques, make it experiential
  • Practical – put theory into practice and bring leading evidence-based models and theories to life
  • Engaging and fun – experiential learning is rarely boring (just wait and see!) and we want to encourage full participation always
  • Learning – build a shared vocabulary and address multiple learning styles
  • Impactful – our goal is to inspire self-discovery, connection, choice, action, and change
  • Memorable – we want to be remembered through the insights we bring to individuals who use our tools

R1 Team


R1 Leadership Team


Tom Karl – Founder and President

Tom Karl founded R1 as the result of his own personal experiences in addiction and recovery. The idea for the Discovery Cards came to Tom following a relapse when he noted a lack of practical tools in addiction treatment settings. He has used the creation of the tools to help him better understand himself and address his own personal challenges. Through R1, Tom’s goal is to put impactful self-discovery tools into the hands of individuals in recovery and empower them to change their lives. Tom has 25+ years of experience in learning and development, and employee engagement, working with global companies, government agencies, and education institutions. Tom is active in the recovery community and volunteers with patient engagement programs.

Prior to R1, Tom was the Senior Vice President at Lee Hecht Harrison and a Partner with MasteryWorks. At Lee Hecht Harrison, Tom was the Global Practice Lead for Employee Engagement and Career Development Solutions where he led the go-to-market strategy and product development for all practice solutions. In his role, Tom consulted with clients to design, develop, and implement products and solutions to address their pressing human capital needs. Tom provided sales leadership, strategy, and subject matter expertise. At MasteryWorks, Tom led the product strategy to create the first multi-language career portal solution in the industry (including assessment tools, e-learning, career discussion planners, articles, and links to existing organization HR technologies and career resources). MasteryWorks' career portals were licensed and deployed globally. In addition, Tom led the company’s direct business development team and managed strategic reseller partnerships. Tom, with his partner and team, built an international reputation for career planning and was acquired by Lee Hecht Harrison in 2014 after a two-decade strategic partnership. Tom is a graduate of Duke University with a bachelor of science degree in economics.


 Pam Harley - Executive Vice President

Pam combines an execution-focused drive with a strategic perspective gained from 20+ years in Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing. Experience in both publishing and software development has given her a panoramic view into the challenges and opportunities facing those developing professional content today. Pam is a Senior Partner at Clarke & Esposito. Before joining Clarke & Esposito, Pam served as product strategist for Silverchair Information Systems, helping clients develop digital products and grow their business. Pam also led Silverchair’s Semedica division, developing a set of semantic technologies and services for the application of semantic metadata to STM content.

At the American Psychiatric Association, Pam directed electronic publishing strategy and product development. She was the architect of PsychiatryOnline, one of the industry’s first digital products to integrate reference books, textbooks, journals, self-assessment, and other content types on a single platform. Education in biology and a stint as a research assistant at Duke University engendered a passion for scientific communication and gave her insight into the information needs of scientists and researchers. Pam serves on the steering committee for ALPSP North America. She is a graduate of Duke University with a bachelor of science degree in biology and psychology.

R1 Product & Organizational Development Team 

Geoff Wilson
Product Development

Corinne Karl
Art Direction

Andrew Levine

R1 AdvisorS

  Matt Karnell
Advancement Resource Services

Mike Cox

Curt Marshall

R1 Industry & Clinical AdVOCATES

Marty Ferrero
Senior Clinical Director at Caron


Dave Semanco
President, Virginia Association of Addiction Professionals (VAAP)

Drs. Ron & Anita Smith


R1 scientific, technical, and Medical Publishing Advisors

Michael Clarke
Managing Partner, Clarke & Esposito

Pam Harley
Partner, Clarke & Esposito


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MWZB Law Partners

R1 12 Step/ AA Recovery Team For Tom KArl

A special "thank you" to my close friends in recovery that have been been part of my daily 7:15/7:30am home group and my 7pm Wednesday night men's group at the Unity Club in Falls Church, VA. They each, and all, have been an unimaginable gift in my life!

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